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Genovese, Martin Sensei


Sensei Martin Genovese

Hi, my name is Martin and I have been studying, practicing, training and teaching Bubishi Lineage, Goju Ryu Karate Do for over 28 years. I began my budo career under Sensei David Morris with the Bugeikan karate club in Southampton. As it turned out, I was to stay with him as my teacher, and good friend for all that time through the various transformations that our school went through. After the Bugeikan, we changed names to the Federation of Goju Ryu Karate and then finally were awarded the school name of Kyudokan by the prestigous Yonemoto, Kiyoshi Sensei. It has been a tremendous and life changing journey and I have had the immense pleasure of training with hundreds of students and teachers. The following are just some of the most influential that I have trained with over the years: Kiyoshi Yonemoto (Seibukan), David Morris (Kyudokan), Mike Clark (Sodokan), Chris Clifford, Terry Foster (Sorinkan), Bob Elrick, Ted Shaw, Perry Bayliss, Neil Nutburn, James Sumarac, Yukio Harada, Masa Saito and many, many  more. I thank you all and apologies if I have missed anyone out.

In 2016 I was greatly honoured when Yonemoto Sensei asked me to set up my own school in order to help preserve his deep understanding and pure Bubishi lineage and in order that I may continue that, here in the UK. Hence Sensei named our school Shodokan. 

So, to this day I continue with my life passion, and that is to further my own personal study, but just as importantly I am dedicated to providing those students that want to learn a traditional martial art with the skills, the deep study, the friendship, the principles and philosophy, and the life changing opportunities that I have had the great fortune to receive. 

Sensei Kiyoshi Yonemoto and myself UK visit 2017
Sensei Martin Genovese
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