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Shodokan 尚道館

The Shodokan is a school that has come about from my 27 years of studying Goju Ryu. Our school name was given to us by Yonemoto Sensei 米元先生 in an effort to preserve the traditional teachings of the Bubishi no ken lineage of Goju masters.
Roughly speaking SHO
means respect, DO means the way and KAN means school. Respecting the way school. 
However, that is a very rough translation as commonly with the Japanese language they have words that can be difficult to relate directly to English words. The DO
and KAN are

commonly used for a martial school, but SHOis more difficult. In the martial context this is linked with the first of our dojo rules dojo kun (道場訓)。This is; karate begins and ends with rei . This is the respect we show using a bow when we enter the dojo, bowing to our sensei and fore-teachers, and bowing to each other as a respect for helping us to learn. can also mean politeness, good manners and how we go about things in the correct manner in order to keep the peace and maintain harmony. Finally, respect is also part of Sensei's way. The friendly way..ありがとうございました。

We are running classes in the Southampton area for all ages and abilities and are very approachable. So, come along and see us if you are interested to find out more, or just wanted to join straight in.

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