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Adults Karate

Adults Karate for Beginners

From Beginner to black belt

If you wish to take this journey then be prepared. There will be sweat and tears, it will require practice, dedication and humility. But the rewards are immense, sense of achievement invaluable. It will change your life for the better.

Are you up to the challenge of getting fit, pushing your limits, having fun and learning how to protect yourself through training in a traditional martial art? Then read on..

The adults karate classes takes students through from the very basic foundations to a very advanced and deeper understanding of our karate lineage and practices.

Adults Karate for experienced students

The adults classes are open to all those that have a wish to study Goju Karate.  We have traditional roots and training methods whilst still evolving as a modern and effective fighting and self defence system. The initially structured syllabus will lead you through various aspects of our art and system. From learning the basic foundations of karate, self defence, and building strength, fitness and stamina. Leading on to studying kata and its real applications to learning how to practice fighting/sparring. This will provide all dedicated students with the necessary skills to achieve the elusive black belt. 

However, achieving black belt status will rapidly turn out to be just the beginning of a much deeper study for those that wish to go further. The higher grades will study more deeper subjects and follow the lineage of our predecessors who understood about how to use karate in times of peace and in times of conflict, through understanding the principles and laws of nature and how to apply them to our daily lives. Moving on to training the mind and spirit, learning to cross the void and understanding energy. There is no beginning and no end.

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